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VQ|NORTH is brought to you by a group of enthusiasts who all share the same vision. The vision is to provide the community with a supportive forum where enthusiasts can network to learn about their cars, ask questions and share expertise, buy/sell parts, benefit from sponsorships and, most importantly, belong to a membership of like-minded individuals.

Just like many of our members, our admins all started from small beginnings as new enthusiasts looking to be a part of a connected community. We came together and were welcomed by the veterans. As time passed, the cars developed as well. We learned how to modify and passed on the knowledge to our fellow members. As we networked, we realized our potential to serve a larger community.

We originated out of Toronto, Ontario in Canada and effortlessly became an extensive bona fide network of owners. We recognized great benefits if we extended our reach nation wide. Thus, three [...]

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